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Try Command

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The Try keyword is used to mark the start of a block of statements that have error trapping. If an error occurs, the program is not terminated. Instead, control is passed to either a Finally or Except section. Try is used in a number of ways. Version 1 In a Try-Finally construct, the Finally statement is guaranteed to be executed absolutely regardless of what happens in the Try Read more


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The Boolean type provides an enumeration of the logical True and False values. syntax : type Boolean = (False, True); Unlike other languages, it is not a number - it will only allow these values. This makes the code much more reliable. Using calculations to test for true or false is a C like practice, but is supported in Delphi. Use the following to hold such a logical Read more

Diagram Studio

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Add flexible diagramming, graphing or flowcharting capabilities to your applications. Diagram editing behavior similar to standard diagramming applicationsSupport clipboard operationsBlock gradient, shadow and bitmapFull block customization: pen, brush, color, selection color, minimum width and heightBlock text customization: horizontal and vertical alignment, font, word wrap, Read more

Disable Keyboard and Mouse

  • 14 December 2013
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simple code to manage disability keyboard and mouse   function FuncAvail (VLibraryname, VFunctionname: string; var VPointer: pointer): boolean; var Vlib: tHandle; begin Result := false; VPointer := NIL; if LoadLibrary(PChar(VLibraryname)) = 0 then exit; VPointer := GetModuleHandle(PChar(VLibraryname)); if Vlib 0 then begin VPointer := Read more

Retrive Windows Product Key

  • 24 December 2013
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interface uses Registry, Windows, SysUtils, Classes; function IS_WinVerMin2K: Boolean; // Check OS for Win 2000 or higher function View_Win_Key: string; // View the Windows Product Key function IS_OXP_Installed: Boolean; // Check if Office XP is installed function View_OXP_Key: string; // View the Office XP Product Key function IS_O2K3_Installed: Boolean; // Check if Office 2003 is Read more

JavaScript Kit Encrypted Password Generator

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JavaScript may not be the best way to password-protect a webpage, but for those who do not have access to a CGI-BIN, it may very well be the only way. To provide these people with a decent JavaScript password protector that will keep out at least the average surfer, I've created this encrypted password generator. This program dynamically encrypts the password to a page (differently each Read more