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Simple Code Javascript

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These are example scripts with short explanations drawn from the unpublished book "Quick and Easy Guide to Javascript" by Stephen Wilson Read more

Rich-Text Editors for Web

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Rich-Text Editors, inline content editors, WYSIWYG editors or whatever you want to call them are web applications that enable users to enter, edit and manipulate alphanumeric characters while visiting your website. Wherever you have a textarea form input on your site, chances are good that its usability could be improved with a Rich-Text Editor. For example, your comment form is a great Read more

Passing JavaScript variables to PHP

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Javascript is mainly used as a client side scripting language, while PHP is a server side technology. Unlike Java or ASP.Net, PHP doesn't have tools to make it work client side. That is why you need to combine JavaScript and PHP scripts to develop powerful web-applications. One of the frequent problems is defining visitor’s screen resolution using JavaScript tools and passing Read more

Download File From Internet

  • 21 December 2013
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sample 1 uses URLMon, ShellApi; function DownloadFile(SourceFile, DestFile: string): Boolean; begin try Result := UrlDownloadToFile(nil, PChar(SourceFile), PChar(DestFile), 0, nil) = 0; except Result := False; end; end; procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); const // URL Location SourceFile = Read more

Check Internet Connection

  • 21 December 2013
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unit Unit1; interface uses Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms, Dialogs,wininet, StdCtrls, ShellApi; type TForm1 = class(TForm) Label1: TLabel; GroupBox1: TGroupBox; Button1: TButton; Label2: TLabel; procedure Button1Click(Sender: TObject); procedure Label1Click(Sender: TObject); private { Private Read more

Create FTP Download

  • 11 January 2014
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Imports System.IO Imports System.Net Imports System.Text Public Class SimpleFTPClient Public Function Download(ByVal destinationFile As String, ByVal downloadUri As Uri) As FtpStatusCode Try ' Check if the URI is and FTP site If Not (downloadUri.Scheme = Uri.UriSchemeFtp) Then Throw New ArgumentException("URI is not an FTp Read more

Online or offline status detection

  • 14 January 2014
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There are few methods to check if computer is online (=connected) or offline (=disconnected). This one is really simple. We need just one line of code and we will use WinInet unit. Whole function is here: function Online: boolean; begin result := (InternetGetConnectedState(nil, Read more