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Simple Code Javascript

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These are example scripts with short explanations drawn from the unpublished book "Quick and Easy Guide to Javascript" by Stephen Wilson Read more

Camera Video Capture And Save On SDCard

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In this example capturing video by inbuild camera in android and save captured video on sdcard. Using camera intent to record video and after record the video again come back on activity and show captured video path on Read more

Delphi Example Code

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Collection of Delphi examples and applications with all the Delphi examples on our website. Full Delphi source code and project files. Over 50 examples such as: DatabaseReportingOpenGLClasses and ObjectsFile manipulationThreadsFiremonkey examplesIndy examplesand Read more

How Create a Zip File Using PHP

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Hello friends now we are going to discus a small code for creating Zip file using PHP. Creating zip file is simple as comparing with author languages. PHP have a very useful class called ZipArchive ,To create multiple zip files in this post i will show you how create a ZIP file Source <?php function Read more

Passing JavaScript variables to PHP

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Javascript is mainly used as a client side scripting language, while PHP is a server side technology. Unlike Java or ASP.Net, PHP doesn't have tools to make it work client side. That is why you need to combine JavaScript and PHP scripts to develop powerful web-applications. One of the frequent problems is defining visitor’s screen resolution using JavaScript tools and passing Read more