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256bit keys for strong encryption

  • 30 December 2013
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The security of any good cryptosystem relies on the key. No matter how large a key, there will be an imposing decrease in security if it is poorly used by the software. Keys should be measured according to the bits of entropy contained within them, and simple keys should be disallowed. They should contain many different characters, and have no discernable patterns. Only when these conditions are Read more

Encrypt Text using key number

  • 16 January 2014
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{ This two functions are used to encrypt and decrypt text. Here's how to use it: The four entries Key1, Key2, Key3 and Key4 are numbers that can range from 1 to 120. In order to decrypt a text, you must use the same numbers you used to encrypt the text. No one that doesn't know what values were used on Key1, Key2, Key3 and Key4 will be able to decrypt your text! Note that Key1*Key4 MUST be Read more

JavaScript Kit Encrypted Password Generator

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JavaScript may not be the best way to password-protect a webpage, but for those who do not have access to a CGI-BIN, it may very well be the only way. To provide these people with a decent JavaScript password protector that will keep out at least the average surfer, I've created this encrypted password generator. This program dynamically encrypts the password to a page (differently each Read more