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How Create a Zip File Using PHP

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Hello friends now we are going to discus a small code for creating Zip file using PHP. Creating zip file is simple as comparing with author languages. PHP have a very useful class called ZipArchive ,To create multiple zip files in this post i will show you how create a ZIP file Source <?php function Read more

A Simple PHP Image Resize Code

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A PHP image resizing script that will re size JPG and PNG images. Specify a width OR a height OR both. Images are resized proportionally if only a width or a height is specified.    // Get the image info from the photo$image_info = getimagesize($photo); $width = $new_width = $image_info[0]; $height = $new_height = Read more

Ajax load content

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function loadMoreCategory(ctid, page, listData, a, btnMore, textFree, textButton, loadMoreUrl){ $("#a-loadMore").html('Loading...'); jQuery.ajax({ url: domain+"category/loadMore", dataType: "json", type: "POST", data: { 'cd' : ctid, 'page' : page }, success: function(data) { if(data.success){ var html = ""; for(var i=0; Read more