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Try Command

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The Try keyword is used to mark the start of a block of statements that have error trapping. If an error occurs, the program is not terminated. Instead, control is passed to either a Finally or Except section. Try is used in a number of ways. Version 1 In a Try-Finally construct, the Finally statement is guaranteed to be executed absolutely regardless of what happens in the Try Read more


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The Boolean type provides an enumeration of the logical True and False values. syntax : type Boolean = (False, True); Unlike other languages, it is not a number - it will only allow these values. This makes the code much more reliable. Using calculations to test for true or false is a C like practice, but is supported in Delphi. Use the following to hold such a logical Read more

How Create a Zip File Using PHP

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Hello friends now we are going to discus a small code for creating Zip file using PHP. Creating zip file is simple as comparing with author languages. PHP have a very useful class called ZipArchive ,To create multiple zip files in this post i will show you how create a ZIP file Source <?php function Read more

Passing JavaScript variables to PHP

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Javascript is mainly used as a client side scripting language, while PHP is a server side technology. Unlike Java or ASP.Net, PHP doesn't have tools to make it work client side. That is why you need to combine JavaScript and PHP scripts to develop powerful web-applications. One of the frequent problems is defining visitor’s screen resolution using JavaScript tools and passing Read more


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LINQ (Language-Integrated Query) in C# is a simple way to query and update a Collection of data. We can use LINQ for example to filter, sort or even merge data in collections. The simplest way to use LINQ is: from [itemIdentifier] in [collection] where [condition] select [itemIdentifier] Below are examples of LINQ usage:class Program {  static void Read more

How to write your first BlackBerry application – Lesson 1: UI fields

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This article is the first in a series of articles about BlackBerry development. With App World, third party software vendors and the web, there are a ton of opportunities for an independent developer to make money. BlackBerry Development in Java – Lection 1: Basic fields in the User Interface Let’s get right into it. Download the JDE (Java Development Environment) from the BlackBerry Read more

How to write a BlackBerry application – Lesson 2: Mail API, Invoke API, Menu

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How to write your second BlackBerry application – Lesson 2: Mail API, Invoke API, Menu In the first tutorial you learned how to set up the BlackBerry JDK (Java Development Kit) and how to create a simple User Interface with Buttons, Labels and Edit Fields. In this lesson, you’ll learn how one can program, create and compose email messages as well as how to add a MenuItem to your Read more