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Find The Maximun, Minimum and Average by Array Season II

  • M. Taufik
  • Mar 20' 14
  • VB.NET
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Modul Array2

Sub main()

        Dim number(), limit, num As Integer

        Console.Write("Input The Count of Number: ")
        limit = Console.ReadLine
        ReDim number(limit - 1)

        For i As Integer = 0 To limit - 1
            num = i + 1
            Console.Write("Input Number of  " & num & ": ")
            number(i) = Console.ReadLine()

        Console.WriteLine("The Maximum Number is {0}", number.Max)
        Console.WriteLine("The Minimum Number is {0}", number.Min)
        Console.WriteLine("The Average is {0:f}", number.Average)

    End Sub

End Module
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