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Execute a JavaScript Code on a TWebBrowser Document

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The TWebBrowser Delphi control provides access to the Web browser functionality from your Delphi applications.

Here's how to execute a custom script (JavaScript or VBScript) function on a HTML document loaded in the TWebBrowser control:


 uses MSHTML_TLB, SHDocVw;
 procedure ExecuteScript(doc: IHTMLDocument2; script: string; language: string) ;
    if doc  nil then
      if doc.parentWindow  nil then
        doc.parentWindow.ExecScript(script, Olevariant(language)) ;

Usage (in some Button OnClick event handler, for example): 

    script : string;
    //locate the first element with ID attribute = "main" and show its tag
    script := ''var elemMain = document.getElementById("main") ; if (elemMain != null) { alert(elemMain.tagName) ; }'';
    ExecuteScript(EmbeddedWB1.Document as IHTMLDocument2, script, ''javascript'')
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