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Enter removing Signs In Field (string)

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Take an example, when in the program appear:

Jl. Mazda No.1
Jakarta Utara

When type the command select addresses from ms_customer it would appear:

Jl. Mazda No.1 Jakarta Utara

Straight 1 line / row for the SQL statement format space / enter and other non-visual character will not be shown, but all the functions in the computer already has the standard of writing the alphabet with ASCII code, which you can find in the ASCII table for example when we type character "n" then the computer will be representing them to decimal 110, therefore we will seek to use the ASCII code for the enter / new line.

Solve: follow this intruction

1. to see how many 'enter' the field that contains

select alamat,REPLACE(alamat,char(13),'+') from ms_customer where
REPLACE(alamat,char(13),'+') like '%+%'

2. For replacing 'enter'

update ms_customer set alamat=replace(alamat,char(13),' ')

Ok please use other combinations for further information if there are difficulties and dizziness *:D big grin please contact the author..
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