Foreword - Common Source For Everyone

Within the last few years, Internet has grown to be the most widespread web technology in the world, operational in more than a third of the web servers across the globe. More companies, institutes or person access more information over the internet about the computer literate, which any programmer search code needed for increases the computer software developers.

This portal, provided by Ano Van and supported by all programming developers any concentrate, from programmer to programming and growing the people inovation.

PASAR KODE : "General Source Online World - Common Source For Everyone" is a portal for practitioners novice programmer, medium to professionals who wish to deepen their coding skills, analysis, algorithms in the world of computer programming. Besides, the programmer can also sell or share the source code freely in pasarkode.com portal is inseparable from the sale of a source code someone / some entity that requires source code development program can open a project that can be followed by programmers who become members in pasarkode.com.

From programmer, For Programmer, Difference Language But One Portal in Pasar Kode

In The Beginning

Started in a garage and laptop, when Ano Van first started developing Pasar Kode. He could not have imagined that his creation would eventually lead to the development of Pasar Kode as we know it today, which is being visited by people of any language. The first version of "Pasar Kode" called Portal Source Code Indonesia in Indonesian language, was online in middle of Ramadhan 2013. One of the basic vision of development is share, jobs, sell, buy all about the source code, everyone can participate.


Source Code all shares source code collection from desktop to web programming, with shareware, freeware, demo or beta any language provided for simplify the visitor for read.

Submit Code everyone can promote/share with their source code by including information, url, image, price, author name. Free no cost needed.

Projects if you're a developer or company which have project open for all visitor programmer, you can submit the project specification and you must shared more 50 source code before we accepted your project submission.

Jobs jobs vacancy posted here, for employe or companies..

Tools tool for help you to check whois domain, ping, speed test for internet connection, browser and system information, showcase changes.

Download downloadable list..

Index indexing the source code by A to Z


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